Thanks to its physical properties and its beauty as well, porphyry has been used since antiquity onwards as an artistic element and for the realisation of flooring and cladding of prestigious spaces. Nowadays, in designing a building or a building infrastructure, the choice of matierals overall is closely linked with their physical and mechanical characteristics, which bear significant weight in the engineer’s calculations towards the stability and durability of the project. Needless to say, exactly for its characteristics, porphyry is used for both interior and exterior areas, such as commercial sites and dwelling places, as well as old towns and squares, but also for many other different purposes, such as design objects, furniture, steps, and the like. All of products keep porphyry’s most important features unchanged in the course of time. What is more, the surface does not change and doest not need regeneration treatment as in the case of other stones:

  • High abrasion resistance that grants non-slippery properties;
  • High wear resistance which allows to avoid aging;
  • Surface regularity, which makes treading comfortable and pleasing;
  • Low absorption of water and other substances that could spoil its qualities and that guarantee a particular resistance to the strongest agents, not only the atmospheric ones.

hyry is never evenly coloured, its variations are unique and everlasting. As no toxic substances are used, all of the production phases are eco-friendly. This also preserves porphyry’s beautiful natural features.


Striving for excellence, has been created some product lines that underline the unique features of our products thanks to the help of Steinex’ splitting machines. These are Cubico Regular and Irregular, and our Palladium Plus and Roma:

  • CUBICO REGULAR: selection of porphyry cubes with natural cleft surface and split sides, suitable for symmetrical paving, for both indoor and outdoor use. Their dimension is cm 10×10 and their thickness varies according to the traffic they have to bear: cm 3-6 and 5-8 for pedestrian and light traffic areas, cm 8-11 for heavy traffic areas.

  • CUBICO IRREGULAR: porphyry cubes of different size and variable dimension with natural cleft surface and split sides – as for “Cubico Regular”, their thickness varies according to the traffic they have to bear.

  • PALLADIUM PLUS: porphyry tiles with natural cleft surface and sawn sides, produced by cutting of irregular slabs using diamond blade saws – what is more, they may also be semi-polished, especially when used for interior areas. Their edges are perpendicular to the face and they are cut at a 90° angle; their length can be either random or fixed.

  • PALLADIUM ROMA: porphyry tiles with natural cleft surface and split sides, produced by compression-splitting of irregular slabs using hydraulic presses fitted with blades suited to rough, unfinished stone. As a result, the tiles are rectangular, their sides are split, and they have slightly chamfered edges.

Credit to: Porfidi s.r.l.