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Do you know that you can process natural stone waste into a marketable stone product? Steinex Srl considers environmental sustainability a long-standing and cardinal objective. Consistent with this philosophy, the internal procedures are designed to minimise and...

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SETTING PATTERNS FOR TILES Nowadays, in designing a building or a building infrastructure, the choice of matierals overall is closely linked with their physical and mechanical characteristics, which bear significant weight in the engineer’s calculations towards the...

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We are pleased to announce our new AUTOMATIC CUBE PRODUCTION LINE. The line has been designed to produce cubes automatically from sawn slabs that request a particular type of split due to their natural conformation. The first machinery’s conveyor feeding is equipped...

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Porphyry: qualities and splitting products

Thanks to its physical properties and its beauty as well, porphyry has been used since antiquity onwards as an artistic element and for the realisation of flooring and cladding of prestigious spaces. Nowadays, in designing a building or a building infrastructure, the...

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Igloo. Ideal solution for the production of cobbles

The Igloo stone splitter is an open frame machine model, highly productive and simple to maintain.  Splitting machine models range from 160-640mm in blade length and 20 -180 tons of splitting pressure. All models are supplied with a highly efficient hydraulic unit using only the best performing hydraulic components.

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Steinex App

We are ready. And you? Find your splitting machine with our new App.  Answer a few simple questions, we do the rest! STEINEX APP

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