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Menhir колка камня

Колочные машины серии Menhir в основном используются как машины первичной обработки в установках, предназначенных для производства полуфабрикатов из колотого камня, или в установках для производства готовой продукции, такой как большие бордюры и стеновые камни.

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Steinex Srl has specialized in the construction of Automatic CNC Lines for the production of split materials with sawn and rough surface.
These lines are modular, therefore they can be enlarged and integrated at different times, and they can be connected to the management software.

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HILLHEAD 21-23 June 2022

Back to Business! Hillhead returns from 21-23 June 2022. Join us at stand PC11. Held in a quarry, Hillhead is the largest exhibition of it's kind in the world with three days of live demonstrations, over 600 exhibitors and thousands of products on display. Join us and...

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Steinex srl has always offered the possibility for old and new potential customers to carry out splitting tests in order to find the best solution for the production of split products. The customer can personally witness the splitting at our company otherwise live via...

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