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The Menhir range of splitting machines are mainly used as a primary machine in a splitting line producing semi-finished split stone or for the production of finished products such as large kerb stones and wall stones. Menhir machines are used to split granite, limestone, sandstone, slate, porphyry and many other types of natural monolith stone.

These rugged machines are used to split both raw material and sawn slabs. The non-sawn stone includes stone quarried in blocks or very irregular natural stone quarried using explosives. They are equipped with highly adaptable blades and designed with a pivoting blade head to make splitting irregular material efficient, giving a high quality split surface finish and reducing waste to a minimum. Each machine is equipped with a low noise, high-efficiency hydraulic and power unit. The hydraulic unit has several pump configuration options, including the possibility to adjust the speed at which the machine blade begins to apply pressure to the stone, namely any “ramp” or pressure plane for subsequent splitting operations. By being able to set these splitting parameters our customers can optimize the quality of the split face based on the properties of their material.

The Menhir splitting machines come with an extensive range of options including conveyors, loaders, manipulators, remote control consoles and different hydraulic configurations depending on the customers requirements.

Menhir splitting machines
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Menhir Line – Sherpa 1000×600

Switzerland 1989 – 2000
Stone: Sandstone

Menhir Line – Sherpa 1000×800

Switzerland 1989 – 2000
Stone: Sandstone

Menhir Line – Sherpa 1000×800 320 Ton

Germany 1998 – 2008
Stone: Dolomite

Line Menhir – Sherpa 1000×1100 640 Ton

Germany 1998 – 2008
Stone: dolomite

Menhir Line – Sherpa 1000×600 220 Ton

Italy 1999
Stone: Vesuvio and Etna volcanic rock

Menhir CM Line – Sherpa 1000×1100 640 ton

Italy 2000
Stone: Sardinian granite

Menhir Line– Sherpa 1300×600

Germany 2010
Stone: Limestone

Menhir Line – Sherpa 1600×1000 440 ton

USA 2017
Stone: Granite

Menhir Line – Sherpa 1300×600

Slovenia 2019
Stone: Granite


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