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The overhead pushers are devices integrated in the Windstar SP, Windstar CMT, Windstar STD automatic plants and in the Menhir-Sherpa 2CM and Menhir-Sherpa 3 CM automatic lines. They are designed based to the size of the machine they have to drive and can have a fixed head for feeding regular shaped pieces such as concrete blocks or stone slabs and shims with 6 sawn faces or an adaptable head for feeding irregular pieces. They are all equipped with brushless motors that ensure the efficiency and precision of the size of the split pieces. 


The mechanical deviator/ removal systems are designed to deviate, shift or remove pieces by moving them in a direction perpendicular to their original feed. They can be integrated in automatic systems or installed independently in traditional splitting lines. They are used for moving semi-finished pieces, finished products or non-compliant offcuts that must be removed. 


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