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Slab cutting operations produce a considerable amount of offcuts, which in most cases are thrown away. Steinex manufactures three rustication machines which make it possible to use these offcuts/waste, thereby providing economic and environmental benefits. The strips and split face tiles created with these models have a great-looking rough finish. The manually operated Man Rustication machine is the perfect solution for customers without special production requirements. On the other hand, the automatically operated S-A Rustication machine is suitable for more demanding customers. Both models can be used to rusticate or pitch pieces up to 180 mm in width. To complete the range, Steinex created the Aut Rustication machine. This rustication/pitching machine can process pieces with a width ranging from 60 to 300 mm and a thickness of up to 100 mm.  The technology employed by Steinex in this model ensures that the quality of the products is as good as that of the skilled hands of master stone-cutters.

Rusticating machine Man 60-180 mm Strips and split face tiles
Rusticating machine S-A
60-180 mm Strips and split face tiles
Rusticating machine Aut
60-300 mm Slabs, strips listels, rustic or scape-edged


The Igloo 200 V is a semi-automatic machine which, thanks to the feed via two different ramps enables the production of strips, split face tiles, and cubes. The feed via ramp 1 enables semi-automatic splitting of very long pieces up to 200 mm wide and up to 100 mm thick for the production of strips and split face tiles with two long sides split, as well as cubes. The feed via ramp 2 enables 6-face sawn pieces up to 100 mm long and 40 mm high to be split in two. This will make split face tiles or small thin strips of fixed size with 5 sawn faces and the exposed split side that can be laid with adhesive.

The Igloo 400 and Broadway 1280 Decoster models made by Steinex are designed for special edge finishes up to 45°. Traditionally, the stone slabs (known as “Lose” or “Piode” in Italian) used as roofing tiles or as cladding slabs have the particularity of having the edges split out of square from 30 to 45 °.  This type of finish is applied as both an aesthetic and -more importantly technical solution for rainwater run-off in case of roofs or as a corner finish in wall coverings. The Igloo 400 model enables out-of-square splitting from 30 to 45° on slabs up to 400 mm wide, while the Broadway 1280 model is used for out-of-square splitting on slabs up to 1300 mm wide. The minimum thickness in both cases is 20 mm. 


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