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These semi-automatic lines were designed for splitting stone with two sawed surfaces or, in any case, with two uniform planes. The 200×200 model is suitable for the production of cubes, setts and blocks with width and thickness of up to 200 mm. The 600 2C model, to maximise the quality of the split is equipped with a top and bottom cylinder.  It is suitable for the production of blocks and wall stones up to 600 mm wide and 320 mm thick. Both of these semi-automatic lines are equipped with a high-performance hydraulic unit, with low maintenance costs and high efficiency. The 1280 semi-automatic line includes a powerful Broadway machine with 160 tons of pressure for splitting pieces with uniform surfaces up to 1280 mm wide (the clearance is 1430 mm) and up to 400 mm thick. The blades are equipped with a 2BR adjustment system for each tool.


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