Open frame line with manipulator
(input blocks up to 50×40 cm)   

This type of line today is widely popular for processing irregular or regular stone into cobbles or wall stones, from blocks up to 60x50cm, depending on the hardness of the stone. The open C frame “Igloo” primary machine is highly productive with a lower investment required compared to the traditional H frame “Menhir” machine. The arm manipulator you see on this primary machine can improve productivity up to 250% on the primary machine, allowing the block to be placed under the blade of the machine with ease. It also greatly improves operator safety as large blocks do not need to be managed by hand.  The manipulator is particular effective when the blocks to be split have a square type form/shape as shown in the above image.  The maximum opening of this machine is 60x 55cm which limits the size of the input stone. If bigger stones are to big split, then the primary machine should be a H frame Menhir machine.

Loading lines with stone to be split (input stone)

When the stone to be split is very irregular, medium sized it can be loaded into the conveyor feed the line using a loader/digger- dumping the material into a Sherpa Hopper system that you see in the photo below:

Figure: sideboards for the loading of the material

Or if input material is larger and /or more regular in shape (as shown below) it can be loaded directly on the standard conveyor without hopper sides using a fork-lift or jib crane.

Figure: stone block with regular shape