The Igloo stone splitter is an open frame machine model, highly productive and simple to maintain.  Splitting machine models range from 160-640mm in blade length and 20 -180 tons of splitting pressure. All models are supplied with a highly efficient hydraulic unit using only the best performing hydraulic components. The Igloo machines are designed for splitting hard material in continuous use and are well known throughout the world for their resilience and precision processing hard stone.  These machines are used to split granite, limestone, sandstone, slate, porphyry and many other types of natural stone products.

The Igloo 160, 240 and 320 models are used for the production of split paving, cubes and natural stone tiles.   The Igloo 400, 480 and 640 for wall stones and large cubes, whilst the Igloo 500 and 600 for split kerbstone, large wall stones and as primary machines in a configured splitting line for the production of various split natural stone products

In 1998, an important Argentine company involved in the extraction and production of stone products turned to Steinex with the aim of innovating, speeding up and making the production of Patagonian porphyry cobbles 10×10 safer and more efficient. They wanted to increase the production of cobbles.

The proposed solution was a splitting line composed of Igloo 320 and 240 models for the production of cobbles. Actually the company is working with 14 Igloo stone splitting machines.