We are pleased to announce our new AUTOMATIC CUBE PRODUCTION LINE.

The line has been designed to produce cubes automatically from sawn slabs that request a particular type of split due to their natural conformation.

The first machinery’s conveyor feeding is equipped with two independently actioned pushers that can be adapted to irregular tails. The splitting table is automatic and it is supplied with variable speed and Brushless motorisation.

The first machine is equipped with an upper blade with adaptation to follow any surface irregularity. Furthermore the machinery bench is supplied with a disc for sawning the stone.

While the stripes product are transferred to the second automatic splitting line, the head and tail off-cuts are processed in semi-automatic way on the opposite side.
At the end of the cycle there is a conveyor for filling the big bag with cubes.

– automatic production of high quality cubes from slabs that couldn’t otherwise be processed through a traditional splitting;
– high quality cubes;offcut reduction;
– increase of productivity;
– reduction of production costs.


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